Spotlight on our volunteers

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(From left to right: Amish Chadha, Ava Mirfendereski, Sarah Reid)

Volunteers are what make the CFLSE — without them, it wouldn’t exist! We are so grateful for the work they do — from organizing events, to running the website, to making our alumni association even stronger. Here are three volunteers making a difference across Canada. 

Amish Chadha
MSc International Relations 2005
Co-president, Montreal chapter

Amish has been a member of the CFLSE since 2006 and a volunteer President since he relocated to Calgary in 2011 along with Christopher Mylde – together they were able to reignite the Western Chapter! Since relocating to Montreal in 2016 he has teamed up with Dominique Hamel and Havard Bergo as a triumvirate to drive engagement across the region with fellow beavers and the Oxbridgeans!  

Ava Mirfendereski
MSc International Development 2011
Co-VP events, Vancouver chapter

Ava is a founding member of the CFLSE Vancouver executive team and co-VP Events, along with Jo Habdank. With constant support of the team, Ava has organized several Vancouver events, ranging from holiday parties to an intimate gathering with a visiting federal minister. Ava’s passion for creating a vibrant alumni community is apparent. She’s the first to greet event attendees with a smile and a warm welcome, and she’s a lively participant at exec meetings, where she’s never short of great ideas for the next big event. 

After several years of consulting as a project manager and senior business analyst, Ava has co-founded fahmBots, a multi-language, multi-channel messaging platform using bots and AI that helps customers connect with businesses. Ava is co-founder and president of a non-profit organization In Unision that assists refugees settling in Vancouver.

Sarah Reid 
MSc International Relations 2010
Communications director, Toronto chapter

You know that snazzy new CFLSE website? All the emails you get from the chapter to tell you about new events? The facebook, twitter and LinkedIn page? That’s the work of one of the CFLSE’s great volunteers: Sarah Reid. Over the last few years, Sarah has been a dedicated volunteer who has raised the communication game of the CFLSE.

Sarah Reid is a journalist and writer, specializing in politics and the economy. She is currently a reporter with in Toronto. Her work has appeared in publications including The Globe and Mail, National PostBoston Globe,, iPolitics, and on radio. Sarah is also a graduate of the Munk Fellowship in Global Journalism at the University of Toronto. Prior to her career in journalism, Sarah worked for one of Canada’s most prominent business advocacy groups in Ottawa. She also spent several years working for the federal government in research and policy roles, both in Ottawa and at the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C.

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