CFLSE executive committee updates

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From top left: Simon Thang, Sean Lee, Azim Hussein, Hilary Carter

Here’s a quick brief on what’s happening within the different portfolios of the National Executive Committee.

Simon Thang, Vice President, Chapter Development

In his role of VP, Chapter Development, Simon has been focusing on initiatives such as establishing new chapters across Canada, engaging our alum in underserviced areas, and forging strategic alliances with other alumni associations.

Sean Lee, Vice President, Mentorship

In Fall 2016, the Committee developed a first-draft of an evergreen Terms of Reference for Mentorship that will help guide future activities in this area. Moving forward, the National Committee hopes to work with chapters to help establish and expand local programs, building on some of the excellent work already taking place across the country. In parallel, efforts are underway to explore the use of web-based tools as a means to make mentorship services more widely available to CFLSE members.

Azim Hussein, Vice President, Events

As VP Events, Azim has been working on a draft constitution and it is now being discussed within the National Committee and with the LSE New York office. He has also been focusing his efforts on securing a speaker for the first CFLSE Annual Lecture.

Hilary Carter, Vice President, Communications

Our CFLSE community continues to grow, evidenced by increasing members to our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, and the levels of engagement on those channels. In the past year, the CFLSE has undergone a re-branding, changing our official name to Canadian Friends of LSE, and rolling out new social media banners created especially for CFLSE chapters by the London-based marketing team. Here’s a sneak peek of the Ottawa banner! Hilary would like to thank Sarah Reid, Director of Communications, Toronto, for her continued support on our web assets and for writing the feature column for this newsletter. As always a big thank you to Liz Hydes for prompt and accurate email communications!

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